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46th Annual Course Mobile APP FAQ

How do I access the 46th Annual Course app?

Download SGNA on the Go—the year-round mobile app—from your app store. Tap “Annual Course” on the home screen or bottom navigation bar to access event information.

What can I do with the 46 Annual Course app?

The app allows you to see who is attending the event, view the times and locations of sessions and networking events, access syllabus materials and evaluations, explore posters, and discover what companies will be exhibiting in the Exhibit Hall.


Do I need to login to access Annual Course information?

The agenda, and sponsor and exhibitor listings can be viewed by anyone. However, only those registered for the event can access the attendee list, syllabus materials, and session and poster evaluations. To view these items, login to the app first.

How do I login?

Within the Annual Course app, locate the login button on the Annual Course homepage or in the More section. (Select More in the bottom navigation bar.) Click Login at the top of the page. Login using the email address from your Annual Course registration.

Check your inbox to verify your email address and create a password.


Can I build my own schedule?

Yes, but you must login to the app first. Once logged in, search for the session you want to add in the Agenda. Click on the session, and then locate the Add to Schedule button above the session description.  

Tap Add to Schedule and a lime green confirmation box will appear at the top of your device.

To see the sessions you’ve added, go back to the Agenda and click on My Schedule to view them.

Can I register for optional sessions using the app?

No, you must register and pay for optional sessions online at Those who have already registered and paid for these courses will see them already in their schedule.

How do I view syllabus materials in the app?

The paperclip icon near a session in the Agenda indicates it has a presentation. Click on the session, and then scroll all the way to the bottom. Under the session description, tap Collateral to view syllabus materials. (You can print syllabus materials through the desktop version of the app.)