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These Education, Research and Industry Posters will be displayed at the Poster Center at the 46th Annual Course.  Please see the Poster Codes, Titles and Authors listed below.

Education Posters

E01: 45 is the new 50! Advocating for Change

Linda Curtin, RN MSN CGR
Sharon Iden
Conrad Worrell, RN CGRN CSN
Phyllis Malpas, MA RN CGRN
Kim Harris
Afton Becker, RN CGRN CSN

E02: Achieving Excellence in Your Endoscopy Unit..No Butts About It

Patricia Root, CGRN
Laura Zyber

E03: Approaching the Margins of Greatness with ESD

Shannon Brock, BSN RN CGRN

E04: Benefits of Reiki Prior to a Colonoscopy  

Donna MacMillan, CGRN

E05: Colon Preparation Tool

Judy Sandoval, RN BSN CGRN

E06: Don’t Forget About Me: Protecting our Patients During Lengthy Procedures

Terrance Lark, RN MSN
Tia Bullen, RN BSN CPAN
Achilles Barolo, RN BSN BCGRN

E07: EFTR: The Close and Cut

Elizah Centeno, BSN RN CGRN
Joanna Alejaga, BSN RN CGRN
Grace Landayan, BSR RN
Jason Samarasena, MD FACG

E08: Electronic Endoscope Tracking: The Pursuit of Excellence in Reprocessin

Candice Quillin, RN CGRN GTS

E09: Endoscope Reprocessing:  A Failure Modes & Effects Analysis and Improvement Collaborative

Cheryl Thomas-Shackleton, BSN RN
Jeanetta Kumar, RN
Linda Allen, RN

E10: Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography (ERCP): Reaching for Better and Greater Outcomes

Hue Lam, RN CGRN
Jay Lardizabal, MAN RN CGRN
Marla Pilapil, BAN RN CGRN

E11: Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty: Innovating Weight Loss

Shannon Brock, BSN RN CGRN
Joanna Alejaga, BSN RN CGRN
Nicolina Marusic, RN
Kenneth Chang, MD

E12: Endoscopic Ultrasound-Directed Transgastric ERCP (EDGE): Bridging the Gap

Ericson John Torralba, BSc
Shannon Brock, BSN RN CGRN

E13: Enhancement of Peri-Endoscopy Nursing Care Checklist to Improve Patient’s Safety, Suite Efficiency and Positive Staff Experience - A Case Study In A High Volume, Endoscopy Setting

Rui Min Ng
Sui Cer Chin
Samantha Ng Qi Li
Elizabeth Sridewi Sashi D/O Christopher

E14: EUS Directed Transgastric ERCP (EDGE)

Pamela Nero, BSN RN CGRN

E15: Implementation of Best Practice Initiatives to Ensure Patient Safety

Karen Mansfield, MSN RN CNOR
Lisa Corry, MSN RN CPAN
Kevin Lyons, BSN RN CCRN
Carol Davis, RN
Colleen McGee, RN
Kathleen Thomas, RN

E16: Improved Round-Trip Handoff in Advanced Endoscopy

Sophia Monserate, CN III BSN RN
Clare Martin, CN II BSN RN

E17: Improving Procedural Positioning During Specialized Endoscopy Procedures for the Prevention of Pressure Injuries

Michelle Rabelo, MSN RN CRN
Arlene Dela Cruz, RN CBRN
Melissa Zwijacz, BSN RN CGRN
Christine Carson, RN
Ada Paniagua Delgado, BSN RN

E18: Leveraging Episode of Care to Improve Access for Patients with Hepatitis C within the Digestive Health Center

Karista Peabody, RN MN CMSRN
Lauren Myers, PA-C
Eleonor Guardipee, MA
Jenica Lee, PharmD

E19: Making Endoscopy Safe with a Reprocessing Program


E20: Risk Management Strategies & Enhanced Efficiency Within a High Volume Reprocessing Facility: A Case Study  of an Endoscopy Unit Within a Tertiary Level Hospital

Rui Min Ng
Sui Cer Chin
Samantha Ng Qi Li
Elizabeth Sridewi Sashi D/O Christopher

E21: Springing Into Action: EUS-guided treatment of gastric varices with injection of coils and glue embolization after failure of TIPS

Neri Guzman, AGTS
Wilson Kwong, MD

E22: The Guts must be Crazy

Ave Pauline Ramos, RN

E23: The Making of A Dream Team: The Staff Engagement Process

Gina Keranen, BSN RN

E24: The Promise of Artificial Intelligence (AI):  Improving Adenoma Detection

Marissa Gonzales, BSN RN
William Karnes, MD
Grace Landayan, BSN RN
Marla Pilapil, BSN RN

E25: The Scope Investigator

Neri Guzman, AGTS

E26: Tips for a Successful Magnet Journey: Learn from our Endoscopy Unit’s Experience

Ellen Goepel, RN BSN CGRN
Deborah Meade, RN BSN CGRN
Elizabeth Rockett, RN AD
Kimberly Seibert, RN BSN
Bonnie Slayter, RN BSN CGRN
Heather Szymczak, RN BSN

E27: Transurethral Enteric Feeding Tube Placement

Leslie Yeh, MPH
Patrick Hang, BSc
Ericson John Torralba, BSc
John Lee, MD

E28: Zero Endoscope Harm: An Approach to Reduce Repairs

Jill Cohen, BSN RN PCCN

E29: Equipping the Endoscopy Unit to Provide Brachytherapy

Kathryn Felts, RN BSN CGRN
Kala Manohar, RN BSN CGRN
John Wesley Spencer, RN
Thelma Orozco, RN BSN CPAN
Laura Romero, AGTS-GTS
Liben Mahometano, MBA/AGTS-GTS

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Research Posters

R01: Evaluating the Quality of Same Day Preps versus Standard in Afternoon Scheduled Colonoscopies at a County Hospital

Tatiana Dejneka, RN CGRN
Kristin Mathern, RN
Cecilia Tran, RN
Aimee Danigelis, RN
Bryan Balmadrid, MD

R02: Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Double High Level Disinfection in the Reprocessing of Flexible Endoscope: A Retrospective Review

Caihong Wang, RN
Rong Zhang, RN
Guoai Liu, RN
Rosidah Idris, RN

R03: Improving Phase II Recovery Time in Endoscopy

Cassandra Redden, MSN RN CNOR
Rebecca Casto, BSN RN CGRN
Shawna Beese, MBA BSN RN / NE-BC
Teresa Johnson, BSN RN CGRN
Wendy Jacobs, CET

R04: Journey to Excellence: Inspiring, Educating and Mentoring Staff on the Pathway to CGRN Certification

Michele Bettinelli, BS RN CGRN
Maria Scholz, BS RN CGRN
Mary Sutton, BSN RN
Stacey Cosco, DNP

R06: The Outcome and Cost of a Systematic Approach to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Flexible Endoscopes Reprocessing in Ng Teng Fong General Hospital Singapore

Caihong Wang, RN
Rong Zhang, RN
Guoai Liu, RN
Rosidah Idris, RN

R07: Transitioning Scope Processing to Central Sterile:  A Plan to Reduce Staff Anxiety

Lisa Newman, RN MSN
Christina Vargas, RN MSN

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Industry Posters

I01: Hung Out to Dry: Effects of Post-Storage Drying on Bacterial Growth in Flexible Endoscopes

Melinda Benedict, MS CIC CFER

I02: Processing of Endoscopic Accessories: Is That Valve Clean?

Mary Ann Drosnock, MS CIC CFER

I03: Targeting GI Nurses’ Competence With Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD): Uncovering Regional Differences

Zachary Schwartz, MSc ELS
Orna Ehrlich, MPH
Elena Fisher, RN BSN MS FNP-C
Karen Hanson, APRN CNP
Betty McGinty, RN MSHSA CGRN
Michele Rubin, APN CNA CGRN

I04: Using RFID Technology to Monitor for Breaches in Reprocessing Protocols 

Lisa Newman, RN MSN

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